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January 25/2015: Have I really not done anything on this for over three years??! That's insane. It all seemed to make sense at the time. Okay, looking around a bit it seems that I uploaded photos sometime in 2013. So today I'm going to update the copyright dates to -2013 to reflect that.

October 2/2011: Added vancity section to collage page. Uploaded more photos to photobox.

September 26/2011: Added robots.txt and some nofollow/noindex tags.

August 10/2011: Renamed quilting to textiles, added Fabric of Spacetime page.

August 9/2011: Added quilting page link to art cupboard.

August 8/2011: Began work on quilting page, added some photos.

May 28/2011: Uploaded more photobox photos, added travel album.

May 27/2011: Uploaded more photobox photos.

April 4-5/2011: Uploaded more photos to photobox. Restructured garden album to include four sub-albums with an index.

March 21/2011: Added more photos to photobox, also added albums for kitchen, walkabouts 2010 and walkabouts 2011.

February 17/2011: Updated copyright years to "2007-2011". Added link from art cupboard to photobox.

February 6/2011: Installed ZenPhoto on photobox subdomain - did some work and uploaded some photos but did not link to main site.

August 24/2010: Added more photos to Lynda's Garden page, including before-and-after.

August 7/2010: Added page for Lynda's Garden to garden album, added garden plan sketches.

July 23/2010: Added Pumpkin Muffin/Pie recipe to Recipes page.

July 03/2010: Added pages and panoramas for June 2010 and July 2010 garden pages. Moved log.html to its own folder at

May 15/2010: Added Savoury Biscuit recipe to Recipes page.

May 08/2010: Added more photos to May 2010 garden album.

May 02/2010: Added May 2010 garden page, some photos inc. panorama.

April 26/2010: Added more photos to April 2010 garden album.

April 24/2010: Added April 2010 garden page, one panorama photo.

March 29/2010: Added Apricot Cake recipe to Recipes page.

March 21/2010: Added staircase and empty basement room.

February 15/2010: Added one new photo to garden album.

February 13/2010: Added February 2010 garden page, two photos.

December 22/2009: Added Christmas Cookies to Recipe page.

July 24/2009: Added monster zucchini photos to garden album.

July 21/2009: Added "psychedoodle" page to Mail Art section, put up 4 x postcards.

July 19/2009: Added more photos to July garden page. Added garden page and photos for 2007.

July 05/2009: Photoshopped garden panoramas for June and July 2009. Created garden photo album pages and uploaded garden photos for February, June and July 2009.

May 04/2009: Created ssi-footer section with link to page validator, using document_uri variable. Replaced footers on all pages with ssi calls.

April 22/2009: Created Recipes section of art cupboard. Added Molasses Macaroon recipe.

March 10/2009: Uploaded January 2009 garden photos.

January 3/2009: Divided Collage page into SSI gallery sections, added galleries for Mia's Notebook and Secret Treasure.

January 1/2009: Finished working on Mail Art section of Art Cupboard, made link visible.

December 29/2008: Rearranged files, made it so that '" will go directly to the garden page, etc.

December 27/2008: Added new snow panorama to garden album. Added collage cards 2000 album.

December 14/2008: Added December page and photos to garden album. Added photos to mushroom album [old ones from October 2006].

December 6/2008: Tweaked wording on contact/copyleft page.

December 5/2008: Created log. Created some prior entries from memory. Changed licensing: changed CC-BY-NC to CC-BY-SA, and added three new licenses: GNU Free Document License, GNU General Public License, and Free Art License.

December 4/2008: Added new photos to mushroom gallery.

December 3/2008: Added art cupboard and mushroom photo gallery.

November 9/2008: Finished adding photos to garden photo album.

November 6/2008: Transfered files to web.

November 5/2008: Registered domain.

November 3/2008: Began work on website: index, living room, garden photo album.

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